Singing in the Rain (Video)


In this experimental video, I’m providing “proof of concept” for a technique I want to develop going forward: using photographs with a voice-over as a way of telling a story.

I cheerfully admit two things: 1) This is definitely a #FirstWorldProblem, and 2) I’m totally cheating, because I include the gorgeous singing of The Spectacles, which is so satisfying and beautiful that it makes up for all my deficiencies.

My real intention is to use other people’s photographs while they tell me what we’re looking at and what it means. Kind of a cross between an interview and a TED Talk, with pictures. I’m thinking “social media length” rather than “podcast length,” so 10 minutes or less. (But there could be many segments, aggregated over time!)

If you are engaged with collapse and adaptation, and you have a project or a topic that could lend itself to photos, please drop me a line.

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